African Wildlife Conservation

Conservation encompasses an array of activities in order to rejuvenate and preserve the landscape. ACCF supports projects ranging from the re-introduction of locally extinct animal species to managing wildfires and reducing the impact of invasive alien plants.

The 350,000 acre Grumeti concessions form a crucial part of the Serengeti ecosystem.  In addition to rejuvenating and preserving the landscape, the Grumeti Fund works with government, local communities and other stakeholders on various African wildlife conservation projects.

The ACCF, in its role as a non-profit conservation charity, raises funds for these African wildlife conservation projects.

Rhino photo by Ami Vitale

Wildlife Reintroduction Program

The Grumeti Fund is committed to developing programs that support the translocation and reintroduction of a number of endangered and locally extinct wildlife species – both to Grumeti and to the wider Serengeti ecosystem.

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Fire Management

African Fire Management Program

Fire is an important part of the Serengeti ecosystem. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon that improves nutrient cycling in the soil, leading to more nutritious forage for wildlife.

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Alien Plants Management

Alien Plant Management

Alien plant species are harmful to indigenous ecosystems, both plants and animals.

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African Wildlife Wellbeing

Wildlife Wellbeing Program

Poaching in the Serengeti region is predominantly made up of hunting for bushmeat. The hunting tactics adopted by poachers focus specifically on snares set up throughout the reserve in the hopes of capturing passing wildlife.

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