The African Community & Conservation Foundation depends on the generosity of donors to help us contribute to critical conservation and community programs in Africa.

Your contribution will help enhance the ongoing protection of crucial parts of iconic African ecosystems and provide critical support to the development aspirations of neighboring communities.

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Community Outreach

Girls Empowerment

Rural Tanzania can be a difficult place for girls to grow up and thrive. Undue pressure is often put on girls to carry out domestic work such as fetching water and preparing meals, giving girls less time to dedicate to their studies as compared to boys. For girls who lack access to menstrual products, it is not uncommon for them to miss a week of school every month. The impact of these barriers results in fewer girls passing school as compared to boys.

  • Reusable pads per girl for one year $10
  • Sponsorship for one girl to attend Girls Empowerment Event $20
  • Support all Girls Empowerment Initiatives $100
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English Immersion Camps


Youth education in Africa is a key element in equipping communities with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue rewarding careers, as well as an awareness and commitment to sustainable conservation.

  • Secondary School | $1300/year per student (4 year program)
  • Vocational Studies | $1500/year per student (3 year program)
  • University | $1500/year per student (4 year program)
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Environmental Education Center

The Environmental Education Center (EEC), established by the Grumeti Fund, focuses on teaching youth from surrounding communities with integrated environmental and wildlife conservation education courses.

  • Sponsor single student $200 (5 days of residential training – includes accommodation, meals, school supplies)
  • Sponsor entire class for 1 day of training $640 (16 students)
  • Sponsor entire class for full program $3,200 (16 students)
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Enterprise Development

ACCF supports Grumeti Fund’s partnership with Raizcorp. Razicorp runs enterprise development programs supporting economic activity and livelihoods by providing assistance to local entrepreneurs in the communities surrounding the Grumeti concessions.

  • Village Learning $400 (12 x 3-hour weekly training sessions for budding entrepreneurs, per person)
  • Guiding $5,000 (One-on-one business support for entrepreneurs, every week, for one year, per person)
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Anti Poaching


The GF employs a team of 100 anti-poaching game scouts tasked with the important job of protecting African wildlife. Stationed across the 350,000-acre reserve, these scouts are responsible for protecting the African wildlife and flora that have rebounded over the past 16 years.

  • Individual Scout Med Kit $40
  • 1 Game Scout/Day $10
  • Team of Game Scouts/Day $100
  • 1 Game Scout/Month of Support $300
  • Team of Game Scouts/Month of Support $3,000
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Canine Unit

Canine Unit

The Grumeti Fund Canine Unit is a dedicated detection and tracking dog unit committed to our ongoing quest to stay one step ahead of poachers. The permanent presence of our four rescue dogs – Tony, DJ, Radar and Popo – and their skilled handlers enhance the Anti-Poaching Department’s ability to apprehend poachers.

  • Canine Unit cost per dog $12,500
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Wildlife Reintroduction Program

The Grumeti Fund is committed to developing programs that support the translocation and reintroduction of a number of endangered and locally extinct wildlife species – both to Grumeti and to the wider Serengeti ecosystem. Grumeti Fund is engaged in different African wildlife reintroduction programs, most notably an eastern black rhino expansion program.

  • Feed for single rhino while in boma $25/day
  • Feed for rhino $750/month
  • Chip to monitor rhino $900
  • Sponsor a rhino for a full year $10,000
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Wildlife Wellbeing

The Grumeti Fund conservation team partners with Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute to treat as many animals with human-induced injuries as possible and to reduce the number of animals who would otherwise have died from their injuries.

  • Treatment for a snared animal $300
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