Anti Poaching

Anti Poaching Unit

Wildlife is under constant threat of poaching for commercial bushmeat and illegal trade of ivory. We support Grumeti Fund’s anti-poaching efforts to curb the ever growing pressure on the Grumeti Concessions and wildlife populations.

The Grumeti Fund (GF) has established a dedicated anti-poaching unit to combat this poaching threat and to drive wildlife and elephant conservation in Africa. The anti-poaching unit combines cutting-edge technology with well-trained boots on the ground for maximum coverage of the reserve.

Boots on the Ground

12 permanent scout patrol camps and a network of high-lying observation posts situated in strategic viewpoints throughout the concessions are manned around the clock by highly trained game scouts.

Cutting-edge Technology

The anti-poaching unit is backed by cutting-edge technology with a state-of-the-art digital radio network and accompanying law enforcement database. Run from a highly sophisticated control room on the concession, this technology is used to ensure that the anti-poaching unit is deployed efficiently and effectively making the most impact in conserving the resident wildlife populations.

Funds raised by the ACCF enable the continued conservation initiatives of the anti-poaching unit.

Game Scouts


The GF employs a team of 100 anti-poaching game scouts tasked with the important job of protecting African wildlife. Stationed across the 350,000-acre reserve, these scouts are responsible for protecting the African wildlife and flora that have rebounded over the past 15 years in this critical area of the western Serengeti.

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Special Operations Group


Of the 100 strong force of anti-poaching game scouts, 18 individuals have been identified to join an elite special operations anti-poaching unit. These game scouts have proven themselves to be the best of the best: men with absolute integrity and the highest work ethic.

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Innovative Technology


The GF anti-poaching and law enforcement department makes use of several types of innovative anti-poaching technology to proactively prevent poaching events. Using innovative technology gives the anti-poaching game scouts an edge when patrolling the region.

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Joint Intelligence Unit


Anti-poaching efforts for the Grumeti Fund have been escalated by the establishment of an anti-poaching Joint Intelligence Unit – a collaboration between the Grumeti Fund Law Enforcement Department and the Tanzanian Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA).

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Funds raised by the ACCF enable the continued conservation initiatives of the anti-poaching unit.

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