Celebrating the Season of Giving

From now until the end of the year we are fundraising to help enhance the ongoing protection of crucial parts of iconic African ecosystems and provide critical support to the development aspirations of neighboring communities. We need you to help us reach our [$X] goal to contribute to critical conservation and community programs in Africa.

Ways Your Gift Can Make an Impact

  • $10 supports an anti-poaching game scout for a day
  • $100 supports a team of anti-poaching games scouts for a day
  • $300 supports an scout for a full month.
  • A gift at any amount, large or small, will make a difference!

It’s because of you that ACCF can continue to make a lasting, transformational impact in Africa. Alone we can only do so much, but together we can make a difference. Thank you for your support!

How Your Gift Make an Impact

Your gift this season will be transformative for the African Community Conservation Foundation (ACCF) in numerous ways. Specifically, your contribution will directly support our multifaceted initiatives, amplifying the impact on women’s empowerment, wildlife conservation, anti-poaching efforts, and community development. With your support, we’ll further empower women through skill-building programs, provide resources for wildlife protection, intensify anti-poaching measures, and enhance community engagement initiatives. Your generosity will not only uplift lives but also fortify the interconnected goals of preserving Africa’s wildlife, fostering sustainable communities, and promoting environmental conservation for generations to come.

Khomonani Womens Garden in Zimbabwe

Women Empowerment

Support our year-round Women and Girls Empowerment initiatives targeting thousands of high school girls in the western Serengeti. We strive to break barriers hindering their potential by offering comprehensive health education, reusable pads, awareness on STIs, reproductive health, combating FGM, fostering career growth, confidence building, and promoting education. Join us to make a lasting impact!

Donation Opportunities:

$15: Equips a girl with a 3-month supply of reusable sanitary pads, aiding her education during menstruation.
$20: sends one girl to a Women and Girls Empowerment Educational Event.
$1,300 – $1,500/year per student: Scholarships for Secondary School,Vocational Studies & University (3 & 4-year programs)

Baby Rhino -- photo credit: Jenny Hishin

Anti-Poaching Efforts

This season, join us in our crucial mission to protect wildlife through anti-poaching efforts. Your support can make a significant impact on preserving endangered species and their habitats.Your generous contribution, regardless of the amount, directly contributes to our ongoing efforts in safeguarding wildlife. Together, let’s make a difference in protecting these invaluable creatures and their environment!

Donation Opportunities:

Our gear and supplies wishlist totals for 2024:
➡️ Personal Gear: $177,910
➡️ Patrol Gear: $66,238
➡️ K9 Unit Equipment: $1,760
➡️ CrossFit Equipment: $9,330
Grand Total Wishlist Cost: $255,238

Nutrition Program: photo credit: Karin Schermbrucker

Community Outreach

Embark on a journey of giving with us to support community outreach programs that create lasting impact. Your generosity at any level will directly contribute to empowering communities, nurturing education, and protecting wildlife. Join us in making a difference today!

Donation Opportunities:

$7: Provides a daily meal for a child throughout the school year.
$30: Supplies a child with essential school shoes.
$350: Sponsors a student for a 5-day residential training program at Grumeti Fund’s Environmental Education Center, covering accommodation, meals, and school supplies.



Grumeti - Lion in Tree


The Grumeti Fund, a 350,000-acre private concession in the western corridor of the Serengeti, is home to lush grasslands and healthy herds of migrating wildlife. The Project in Tanzania focuses its work on the reintroduction of locally extinct animal species, anti-poaching, and community development programs that support education and scholarships, enterprise development, environmental awareness, and girls’ empowerment.

Support Tanzania Projects
Malilangwe Women Empowerment -- photo credit: Karin Schermbrucker


The Malilangwe Trust focuses on harmonizing biodiversity conservation, community development and commercial tourism across 130,000 acres in Zimbabwe. The Project work includes the reintroduction of threatened or endangered wildlife, anti-poaching, and community development programs that support education and scholarships, healthcare, local employment opportunities, and sustainable infrastructure.

Support Zimbabwe Projects
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