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Junior Ranger Program in Zimbabwe


The Junior Ranger Program (JRP) was initiated in December 2018. The course is designed and instructed by the Malilangwe scouts and is funded by donors. The 22 boys, aged 16 to 19 years old, are selected from a neighboring rural school. The scouts act as mentors and pass on a diverse range of skills and wisdom to the young recruits. The course takes place during school holidays and totals nine weeks throughout the year. The curriculum is approved by The Ministry of Education.

Malilangwe has custom-built dormitories for the JRP and the boys are responsible for cleaning, washing and cooking meals while they are on the course. The scouts demonstrate high standards for levels of cleanliness and neatness, and the dormitories are inspected daily by the scouts and a member of Malilangwe management. Teamwork is paramount and is consistently encouraged through fitness, fun, discipline, and training.

An All-Encompassing Junior Ranger Program Syllabus

Leadership and Personal Development takes the form of team-building exercises. This encourages the cadets to collaborate on devising strategies, solving problems, and engages them in public speaking.

Nutrition: The boys receive instruction in food handling and hygiene, as well as preparation of delicious meals. By the end of the first module, the junior rangers are responsible for all their own catering.

Health and exercise are fundamentals in this program. Every morning starts with physical exercises, followed by a bush run. The day’s workouts also include circuit training in the gym and a very competitive team ball sport named “murderball”.

Conservation education consists of activities both in the classroom and out in the field, with an emphasis on practical work and group discussions.

Bushcraft, skills and knowledge of the local flora and fauna are taught by senior scouts. Traditional uses for a variety of plants are shared and some Shangaan bushcraft practices, not typically passed down through the generations anymore, are revealed.

First Aid through practical and theoretical lessons. In their pass-out parade, the junior rangers act out a scenario and the processes of attending to the injuries at the scene of the incident.

Healthy lifestyle: includes motivational talks on the importance of healthy living and making good life choices. Covering alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs, HIV/AIDS awareness, and sexually transmitted diseases.


Shoes (trainers/sneakers) for their physical fitness training

Supplies (food, stationery)

Attendance of 1 boy - $1,275.00

1 x student sponsorship for senior school - $6,500

1 x student sponsorship for senior school / Mission School - $1,500.00

1 x student sponsorship for university (Shangaan student) - $3,000


Support ACCF’S Malilangwe Trust Project in Zimbabwe.

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