Community Upliftment in Africa

UPLIFT (Unlocking Prosperous Livelihoods for Tomorrow), developed by the Grumeti Fund (GF), is a program focused on community upliftment in Africa. This outreach program is specifically designed to enhance the livelihoods of individuals living along the boundary of the Grumeti concessions.

In this region of Tanzania, the majority of all wage earners are farmers. Dotted along the boundary of the Grumeti concessions, the farmers have no barrier between the farms and resident wildlife. This makes farmers particularly vulnerable to the movement of animals along the boundary and crop raiding by elephants. Farmers are also impacted by external factors like weather patterns which influence their crop yield and thus income. GF seeks to provide alternative options for these communities, diversifying the earning potential outside of the volatile farming sector.

Community Upliftment

UPLIFT takes a three-pronged approach:

  1. Assisting youth to achieve higher levels of quality education.
  2. Increasing opportunities for greater and more stable income generation.
  3. Advocating the peaceful coexistence of wildlife and humans.

ACCF supports this program by raising funds to drive community upliftment in Africa forward.

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