Environmental Education Center

Environmental & Wildlife Conservation Education

Successful and sustainable wildlife preservation is only possible when quality environmental and wildlife conservation education is in place. ACCF supports Grumeti Fund’s focus on environmental education and the critical role each individual plays in minimizing his or her impact on the earth’s limited resources.

The Environmental Education Center (EEC), established by the Grumeti Fund, focuses on teaching youth from surrounding communities with integrated environmental and wildlife conservation education courses. The EEC hosts classes of 12 students and teachers from the surrounding communities throughout the school year. Training covers an array of critical environmental issues such as deforestation, soil erosion, waste management, and water conservation and is balanced between theoretical classroom learning and activities out in the field.

This well-rounded experience gives students a broad understanding of environmental and wildlife conservation and how they can play a part in its success. Students who complete these courses return to school inspired to make a change and become environmental ambassadors in their schools and communities.

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