Enterprise Development in Africa

Alternative options for income and business development in Africa need to be realized so that households that rely on poaching revenue can break free from their dependence on these illegal activities.

ACCF supports Grumeti Fund’s partnership with Raizcorp – an entrepreneurial development incubator with a proven track record of success in business development in Africa. Razicorp runs enterprise development programs supporting economic activity and livelihoods by providing assistance to local entrepreneurs in the communities surrounding the Grumeti concessions.

These programs to support business Development in Africa have two focuses:


A high-touch entrepreneurial development approach providing intensive one-on-one business support to help entrepreneurs enhance their business skills. Since the project’s inception, 67% of entrepreneurs in this program have increased their net profit.

Village Learning

This program consists of weekly sessions for budding entrepreneurs on business skills and personal development. The Village program has reached 164 participants, 58% of whom are women.

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