Youth Education in Africa

Youth education in Africa is a key element in equipping communities with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue rewarding careers, as well as an awareness and commitment to sustainable conservation.


Scholarships and Mentorship Programs

The ACCF supports African youth education initiatives run by the Grumeti Fund (GF) in Tanzania. These initiatives focus on providing educational scholarships and mentorship programs to local youth. Specific vocational studies within conservation and tourism sectors are key, and students are further supported by being paired with mentors from GF to develop the life skills required for employment in the sector. Internship opportunities within the organization are made available so that youth can progress their careers after completing their studies.

English Immersion Camps

English Immersion Camps

A key factor in hindering many students’ ability to achieve academic success in the Tanzanian schooling system is the sudden transition from Swahili to English between primary and secondary school.  This large shift often sees youth struggling to keep up with their new English curriculum.  To bridge this gap GF has partnered with Concordia Language Villages to develop language camps aimed at enhancing English skills amongst primary school children through annual camp sessions.  These camps take place over the month of June while schools are on break.  In just two years the program has hosted over 200 students from the local communities. At camp the kids learn through fun, engaging language lessons, crafts, singing and dancing, the students are able to practice and improve their grasp of the English language.

Girl Empowerment

Girls’ Empowerment

Challenges facing women and girls in rural communities can range from a lack of access to quality education through to threats such as female genital mutilation. According to the United Nations, girls who complete primary and secondary education tend to marry later, have smaller families and earn a significantly higher wage, thus contributing to a more prosperous family and community. Across all of GF’s educational programs, girls’ empowerment is a key focus. Events addressing female empowerment, health, confidence, body image, and career development are held every year.

ACCF directly supports youth education in Africa by raising funding for these and other scholarships and mentorship programs.

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