Game Scouts

Anti Poaching Game Scouts

The Grumeti Fund employs a team of 100 anti-poaching game scouts tasked with the important job of protecting African wildlife. Stationed across the 350,000-acre reserve Рat camps or in Observation Posts, as a free-ranging Mobile Patrol Unit or as part of the Special Operations Group Рthese scouts are responsible for protecting the African wildlife and flora that has rebounded over the past 15 years in this critical area of the western Serengeti.

Hailing from the communities surrounding the concessions, many of the men selected to become anti-poaching scouts have a history of poaching involvement giving them first-hand experience in these operations.

Rigorous training for these anti-poaching scouts is a continuous practice to ensure that the highest standards are always maintained. Scouts undergo weapons training, self-defense courses, trauma medical training, and radio communication protocols as well as a strict fitness program. The tireless work of these teams has made an incredible impact on conservation in this region and the protection of African wildlife.

Funds raised by ACCF contribute to the training and support of these anti-poaching game scouts.

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