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Business Impact Group

Business Impact Group (BIG) is a leading brand management company that brings creative solutions to your business, customers, and employees. We take pride in partnering with our clients and will go to any length to create hassle-free programs that allow our customers to focus on their primary business objectives. Whatever your needs, our dedicated team, diverse manufacturing knowledge, unique sourcing experience, and warehousing capabilities ensure we will provide the highest quality product and program at a very competitive price.

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Grey Search + Strategy

Grey Search + Strategy provides strategic recruiting and branding solutions for local, national and global companies across a wide range of industries. Unlike traditional firms that focus more on “fill” than “fit,” Grey treats every opportunity as unique. We collaborate with clients to understand their operations, embrace their culture, assess their needs and tailor a strategy for delivering team members that drive their business and thrive in their culture.


CRAVE American Kitchen & Sushi Bar was built out of a passion to create a dining experience unlike any other. We combine quality-sourced ingredients, chic ambiance, outstanding service, and diverse menu choices to create an unforgettable dining experience. The energy of the restaurant is all encompassing – the buzz of guests and staff, the warm and open design, the modern sushi bar, the fresh spin on American cuisine, and the sense of discovery around every corner.

Hippy Feet

Hippy Feet is a Minneapolis-based company dedicated to supporting the homeless and building strong communities. Hippy Feet brings employment opportunities directly to shelters and non-profits supporting homeless youth – providing jobs where they’re needed the most. All products are American made and eco-friendly.

Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck is a communication firm specializing in branding and strategic marketing. They combine traditional illustration and design skills with web-based technology to create unique and impactful storytelling for a variety of companies and organizations.

Swell Society

Swell Society is a creative lifestyle brand created by three talented mavens, Jessica Zeinstra Rosen, Liz Krueger, and Lauren Alsup. The trio focus on bringing unparalleled events, retreats, and interactive activations to life. Through their individual experience in building businesses, creating methods and practices to ignite human experiences and emotions, and physical and mental well-being, Swell Society realized a need for purpose driven activations in Minneapolis. We want to dig deep and fuel the passions within our audiences.


WOODCHUCK USA manufactures technology-driven wood products and specializes in customization. WOODCHUCK USA was founded with a simple mission: putting nature back into people’s lives. We are meant to have a deep connection with the Earth. Our passion is to be a daily reminder of our planets vulnerability by using our real wood products and planting a tree with every product sold. Our way of making a better world for future generations is us bringing jobs back to America while bringing quality products to our consumers.

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